Zinnia Open Insurance Builds on Today to Create What's Next.

Zinnia Open Insurance seeks to optimize the life and annuity experience, from lead to claim. And the groundwork is already laid. The investments we are making in current platforms and streamlined processes will become the core components of the platforms and data models we’ll introduce as the industry migrates to Open Insurance.

Zinnia Open Insurance will simplify how work gets done and will personalize how consumers and advisors feel about the process of buying a life insurance policy or an annuity.

More Clarity. More Speed.
More Collaboration.

Open is Getting to the Market Faster and Serving the Customer Better

Zinnia brings people, data, and technology to create experiences that are more inviting for consumers, more empowering for insurers, and more productive for advisors.

The Future is an Immutable
System of Record

With Zahara by Zinnia, carriers will have a single system of record
that creates an immutable source of truth and fundamentally
transforms the way that life and annuity policies are stored,
shared, and administered.

Innovation you can Trust

With over 100 years in the insurance business and 20 years as a best-in-class TPA, Zinnia understands the many risks insurers face. It’s our combination of expertise and innovation that addresses these risks and makes our vision for Open Insurance transformative.

Open Insurance is One Source of Truth,
One Endless Source of Innovation

SaaS products designed to fit evolving needs of insurers, advisors, consumers, and reinsurers.

Friction-free management of policies, distribution, and events.

Faster deployment of new products.

More informed and engaged consumer.

More personalized and connected experience with consumers.

Data empowers smarter decision-making and better outcomes.

The Open Insurance Experience For Life and Annuities

Open Insurance
Optimizes the life and annuity experience from lead to claim
State-of-the-art SaaS, intuitive, digital-first experience
Transparent single source of truth
Real-time, fast-moving, frictionless data framework
Fast, secure information exchange
Rules-based automation
Efficient transactions
Faster product development and increased speed-to-market
Growth enabler

What Zinnia Open Insurance

Data-centric architecture where data exists independent of a singular application, empowering a broad range of stakeholders
The single source of truth for all stakeholders
Fluid exchange of data across an open platform
Human-focused experiences
Continual, ongoing relationships with consumers
Constant evolution to create ever better experiences for everyone
Balanced risk
Legacy technology and disparate systems
Siloed, multiple sources of truth
Embedded duplicate data in multiple disconnected systems
Transaction-based relationships
Intermittent contact around payments and renewals
Rigid, slow-to-change, inefficient processes