Transform Your Unit Pricing and Trading Processes

Zinnia Fund Management® is UV Cloud with a different name. It’s the insurance and retirement industry’s only cloud-native variable product and separate account asset management pricing and trading platform.

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Consolidate mission-critical pricing and trading processes onto one modern, cloud-based platform.

More Efficient. More Accurate.
More Flexible.

Automate Workflows

Automatically calculate unit values for a broad range of mutual funds, alternative investments, and variable life and retirement products. With a single source of truth, you’ll have transparent handoffs at every step of the process.

Reduce Operational Costs

Execute trades accurately and on time. Eliminate time-consuming manual inputs and verifications, uncertainty around daily pricing and trading cycle, and covering the cost of missed trades.

Accelerate Reporting and Improve Insights

Robust reporting and data analytics available in fully customizable suite of reports including the various STAT Schedule D and BA parts, GAAP audit reports, ledger data feeds, pricing tolerances, fee accrual reports, share reconciliations, and performance reporting.

How it Works

Zinnia Fund Management® lives between the fund manager and policy admin systems, completing critical tasks throughout the pricing and trading processes.

Mutual fund prices sent to Fund Management for processing.
Fund Management calculates unit values. Sends to policy admin system.
Nightly processes run and 
trades sent back to Fund Management.
Fund Management aggregates trades. 
Sends orders to fund managers.
Fund Management receives confirmation and positions. Performs daily reconciliation.

Don’t Let Your Competitors Get the Jump on You

Developed in 2016, Zinnia Fund Management® is the only cloud-native pricing and trading software available in the market today. Collectively, the Zinnia team has successfully integrated Fund Management® across 40 admin platforms for over 60 clients and has extensive experience with NSCC and DTCC.

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