Revolutionize End-to-End Administration with a Secure System of Record

Zahara™ uses digital ledger technology to efficiently gather, store, and secure data. It creates an immutable source of truth that transforms product and policy creation, and management.

Cloud-native and open, Zahara automates complex processes, lowers operational risk, improves productivity.

More Versatile. More Adaptable. More Secure.

Improve Operational Efficiencies and Unprecedented Data Security

Streamline product and policy maintenance activities through an intuitive administrative interface, or via a native API service layer, enabling administration from anywhere. Zahara delivers out-of-box data security with explicit party-based authorization and API integration.

Enhance Multiparty Workflows

Unlock speed and agility in processing with real-time data that ensures everyone is working from a single source of truth.

Rapidly Launch New Products

Reduce time and expense in bringing new products from concept to market with simplified building block product creation interfaces and an industry leading calculation engine.

How it Works

Zahara is purpose-built on Daml, a private, secure and scalable smart contract language for Distributed Ledger Technology. Enabling a component-based architecture facilitating dynamic administration and real-time event processing and publication.