1891 Financial Life is a not-for-profit organization that offers a broad portfolio of life insurance, annuities, and fraternal benefits. Sales of financial services products are used to fund social, educational, and volunteer programs that respond to community needs.

It’s a great mission, and one that Zinnia is proud to support by providing hybrid distribution technology to modernize the life insurance purchase experience for 1891 Financial Life advisor partners and clients. 1891 Financial recently launched the electronic application (e-App) that is part of our Hybrid Origination platform.

1891 Financial Life has long been committed to delivering exceptional service and on the forefront of using technology to realize its strategic objectives. Modernizing the buying experience with Zinnia is the latest example of this commitment. In addition to providing the digital tools advisors and potential members need to collaborate and streamline the application process, the 1891 Financial Life e-App includes underwriting rules to speed time-to-policy.

Initial results have been outstanding. The average time-to-policy for larger, more complex products has been reduced to a week, with smaller policies typically issued within 48 hours. 1891 Financial Life is also seeing an increase in policy size, volume of applications, and advisor interest.

1891 Financial Life CEO, Lisa Bickus, noted: “We began our digital transformation journey several years ago and we’ve hit many major milestones, including the recent launch of our e-App. The team at Zinnia has been great to work with, very strong, and consistent throughout the process.

Our goal for digital transformation is very straightforward: to deliver a positive digital experience for everyone involved in the buying process and ultimately protect more individuals and their families. We’re confident that Zinnia’s e-App will play a key role in our progress.”

1891 Financial Life is one of many companies that are having success with Zinnia Hybrid Origination. Today’s consumers and advisors expect a modern, digital buying experience, and this is precisely what Zinnia Hybrid Origination delivers. For additional information, please see: