Deliver a Better Digital Buying Experience

Zinnia Hybrid Origination (formerly Breathe Life) provides consumers with a modern buying experience, offers advisors a flexible and unified selling experience, and gives insurers access to powerful data analytics.

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Accelerate sales with a modern and easy buying experience that meets consumers when and where they want to be met.

More Intuitive. More Effective. More Satisfying.

Transform the Application Process

Our hybrid e-app allows consumers to start, edit, and complete applications by themselves, with an advisor, or a combination of both. Applications can be saved and completed later.

Keep Advisors in the Know

With a 360ยบ view, advisors can track progress from prospect to customer. The leads management dashboard allows advisors to review policy information and update billing and beneficiaries. Advisors can even receive appointment requests from prospects.

Improve Conversion and Placement

Increase application completion with our fast, intuitive e-app experience. Optimize the consumer journey based on data that enhances lead management, conversion rates, upselling, and cross-selling.

How it Works

Product agnostic and easily configurable with robust data analytics, Hybrid Origination supports guaranteed issue to fully underwritten products.

Consumer Experience Lead Capturing & Routing

Insurance Buyers

Quote and Sell

Call Center
e-App to Delivery

Connect and Manage

Policy Administration
Consumer Engagement
Policy Support
Data Analytics & Insight