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Accelerate Product

Zinnia Illustration is a comprehensive solution that lets insurers instantly see how changes in inputs affect projections for new business and reprojections for in-force policies.

Improve speed-to-market by having the capability to modify underlying product values and test all calculations in real time.

More Speed. More Foresight.
More Cost-Effective.

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Accelerate Decision Making

Accelerate Decision Making

Update values as inputs change for new or in-force policies and instantly preview the effect of every decision before you make them.

Generate Client Ready Reports

Generate Client-Ready Reports

Produce colorful reports with charts, graphs, and tables or create PDFs with fillable forms and digital signatures with a click of a button.

Realize Cost Efficiencies

Realize Cost Efficiencies

Pull data for in-force policies from any source. Time wasted manually inputting data for reprojection becomes a thing of the past.

Preview the Effect of %E2%80%A8Policy Changes

Preview the Effect of
Policy Changes

Improve speed-to-market with accurate real-time illustrations of how different inputs affect both new business projections or in-force reprojections.

How it Works

Author input screens, reports, output views, rates,
and more on a product-to-product basis, making it easy to keep up-to-date with your constantly evolving offerings.

zinnia illustration graphics mobile
zinnia illustration graphics

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