We began our values series with a post on Pursuing Excellence, and in today’s post we’ll explore our second (and my favorite) value at Zinnia: Embrace Adventure.

Core values are extremely important to the Zinnia team. They help guide our priorities and strategies, as well as define and foster the “people first” culture we are building. We hope these posts on our values and culture, and the thinking behind them, give you a sense of who we are and where we’re headed.

Embracing Adventure at Zinnia

Zinnia IS itself an adventure – we’re creating something new with our vision for Open Insurance and, as a result, welcoming new challenges and unknowns. For Zinnia, Open Insurance is also bigger than any one product or service. Yes, we are pursuing a transformative approach by embracing a faster, more digital, more transparent way of doing business, but being Open means more to us:

  • It’s about new ideas, meaningful outcomes, positive disruption and using our imagination to make insurance a better experience
  • It’s about making our customers, our partners, and everyone we meet as excited as we are about the possibilities to transform our industry.
  • It’s about building a better future for the Life and Annuities industry.

Embracing adventure describes how we approach challenges, with open arms and minds. We act boldly and with confidence, even when tackling the unknown. Change happens, and we encourage the Zinnia team to see the opportunities that come with change and be excited about the possibilities.

The guiding principles that help us embrace adventure include:

  • Maintain an open mindset
  • Be excited about change
  • Look at the glass half full
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Speak up

Having an open mind is a fundamental characteristic of “Zinnians.” We come together as a team with co-workers from across the globe, with very diverse backgrounds and experiences. We gain new insights from each other and the confidence to try new things. We also hold each other accountable, and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer (within reason, of course!).

By embracing adventure, we encourage a culture of creativity and empower our teammates to take initiative, and calculated risks.

Embracing Adventure is one of the three core values that drive the Zinnia team, the other two are: Pursue Excellence, and Collaborate and Win Together. These core values serve as the building blocks of our “people first” culture and help guide our priorities and the daily decisions involved in building products, hiring employees, and scaling up our business.

Please stay tuned for our next values post to learn more about how we Collaborate and Win Together as a team here at Zinnia.