Historically, most policyholders don’t have a relationship with their insurance carrier. Outside of paying premiums, the only significant interaction starts and ends with applying for a policy. Unfortunately for carriers, the absence of ongoing touchpoints means a whole lot of missed opportunities. Building a deeper, ongoing relationship between carriers and policyholders is the key focus of Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty (formerly Life.io Engage) holistic wellness platform. 

The Dual Lens Approach 

To begin building long-term relationships, carriers need to find ways to create ongoing touchpoints with customers to deliver additional messaging and extended value. Our Dual Lens approach describes how we elevate the policyholder’s experience while also impacting the key metrics carriers need. Engagement & Loyalty is designed to deliver measurable ROI for carriers by first providing frequent valuable and engaging experiences to policyholders. 

The Policyholder Lens 

Through our research we have found that a holistic approach to customer engagement offers greater appeal and helps build deeper connections with customers. Our extensive library of content and classes focuses on financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing to fit the needs of all types of customers at different phases of their lives.  Built on positive psychology and behavioral science, our content helps consumers create real change and behavior modifications. And by creating highly appealing, gamified user experiences, carriers begin to see repeat visits from customers and build more personal and positive relationships with their customers over time.  

The Insurer Lens 

On the other side of the lens, these engagement-driven interactions are the foundation for improved carrier metrics. Over time this brings opportunities not only for increased customer retention but it also drives lead generation, cross-sell and upsell results. With our dual lens approach, carriers can build their engagement strategy around how their customers best respond. The personal relationship that’s built with the consumer helps the insurer recognize trends and learn more about their customers by identifying key events in their lives based on their content interactions. This leads to a better understanding of the type of insurance coverage they may need and allows the carrier to reduce risk and provide the right coverage to each of their customers. 

The Industry’s Future 

Connecting with customers and delivering real value during challenging, economic times is more important than ever for insurers. And that’s exactly what Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty delivers. Our dual lens approach surprises and delights customers by delivering value-added holistic wellness education. And, our turnkey SaaS platform gives carriers a measurable ROI, improved key metrics and valuable zero party data that allows a more seamless, engaging, and personal customer experience.  

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