Zinnia Open›Advisor.

Advisors continue to play a vital role in the life and annuities industry, but they don’t always have the tools they need to streamline sales and servicing for consumers. At the same time, consumers want a modern and easy buying experience — on their own terms.

The Zinnia Open›Advisor Experience helps bridge these gaps by empowering advisors with modern tools to track progress from quote to customer and beyond. It starts with an exceptional digital buying experience for consumers that enables advisors to deliver a flexible and unified sales experience that meets the needs of individual consumers. 

The Zinnia Open›Advisor Experience includes a number of capabilities designed to streamline sales processes, including:

Origination: a modern omnichannel new-business origination experience from Needs Analysis, through Quoter, eApp, and Policy Delivery.

Advisor Enablement: a 360º view of the customer that empowers advisors to support prospects when and how they need it, as well as tools that streamline the management of insurer onboarding, licensing, appointments, and commissions.

Data & Insights: a dashboard of rich funnel analytics to improve conversion and placement rates while streamlining prospect and client management.

Expand Business Opportunities: a suite of tools including lead management, quoting, needs analysis, illustrations, e-app – everything advisors need to sell more life insurance and annuity products.

The Zinnia Open›Advisor Experience also transforms how insurers and advisors work together. A fully digital buying experience produces valuable consumer insights at every step of the sales process and beyond. Insights that can be used to optimize the customer journey, improve conversion rates and placement ratios, as well as uncover upsell and cross sell opportunities, expand into new markets, and to inform new product development.

You can read more about the Zinnia Open›Insurer Experience here. We’re also going to detail the Zinnia Open›Consumer Experience in a future post. Meanwhile, each of these experiences – Insurer, Advisor, and Consumer – are built on our vision for Open Insurance.

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