Delivering exceptional insurance experiences is at the heart of everything we do for our clients, and Zinnia Hybrid Origination (formerly Breathe Life) is key to this commitment. Zinnia Hybrid Origination brings an exceptional digital buying experience to consumers, advisors, and carriers.

For carriers, Zinnia Hybrid Origination improves conversion, placement, and, ultimately, accelerates sales. Advisors get a 360-degree view of application progress so they can support leads from prospect to customer. Consumers get the modern buying experience that meets them when and where they are.

The Key Components of Zinnia Hybrid Origination

The Hybrid Origination platform addresses the end-to-end buying lifecycle from lead to inforce policy thanks to an innovative suite of tools:

  • Quote & Needs Analysis: on the front end, potential insurance buyers can get product recommendations tailored to their specific needs including single, multi-product, or multi-insured quotes. When a quote is selected, it is then converted into the E-app so the customer doesn’t need to re-enter information.
  • Advisor Tools: advisors can easily create customized landing pages for lead generation that enable them to track progress, engage directly with prospects, and identify potential upsell and cross sell opportunities.
  • E-app: Zinnia Hybrid Origination includes a sophisticated e-app to streamline and accelerate the application process. Customers can start, edit, and complete life insurance applications with advisor support or on their own – including payment options and eSignatures.
  • Data Dashboard: all data collected and third-party data sources are secure and compliant with privacy and governance laws and regulations. State-of-the-art marketing analytics deliver insights into segmentation, conversion, funnel optimizations and more.

Zinnia Hybrid Origination Integration and Configuration

Zinnia Hybrid Origination is product agnostic and features a robust API gateway that connects with distributors for front-end development and with carriers and third parties for back-end support. Moreover, the platform integrates seamlessly with existing administration systems (including CRM and TPA platforms), underwriting engines, and major third-party payment systems.

Unlike some platforms, Zinnia Hybrid Origination also makes it easy to customize branding, product content, and even the application to ensure that your unique brand, messaging, products, and underwriting requirements are reflected.

Zinnia Hybrid Origination and Customer Engagement

Zinnia Hybrid Origination includes our Engagement & Loyalty platform to drive customer engagement. Informed by behavioral science and positive psychology, Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty enables carriers to deliver a branded, enjoyable, gamified customer experience with classes, quizzes, tests, and rewards. Ongoing customer engagement reveals a host of key metrics such as persistency, cross/and upsell opportunities, lead generation, and improved Net Promoter Scores.

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