Transforming the Life and Annuity 
Experience from Lead Through Servicing

The Zinnia OpenInsurer Experience enables insurers to innovate personalized products, accelerate speed-to-market, and enhance distribution support.

Connect People, Data, and 

Technology Seamlessly

With end-to-end, cloud-native data framework, Zinnia will consolidate insurers and third-party data to create a single source of truth that transforms and enhances every aspect of 
the life insurance and annuities experience across the product lifecycle.

Harness the End-to-End Capabilities of the OpenInsurer Experience


Accelerate origination with a 100% digital buying experience
– from needs analysis to quote and e-application – that can
be completed with or without advisor assistance.

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Product Launch & Conversions

Innovate new products and accelerate speed-to-market
using leading-edge digital technology and end-to-end
administration services to keep pace with the demands of
today’s consumers and distributors.

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System of Record

Transform how data is managed, analyzed, and
leveraged across the product lifecycle by creating a golden
source system of record. Streamline product and policy
creation, automate servicing, and simplify policy

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Distribution Management

Manage sales and distribution with tools that simplify
and streamline advisor onboarding, licensing,
appointments, and commissions.

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Engagement & Loyalty

Improve key metrics by capturing first-party data that
nurtures deeper, more meaningful relationships with
each customer.

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Data & Insights

Manage sales, distribution, and customer engagement
with real-time data, offering robust analytics and
business-building insights across the entire life
insurance and annuity product lifecycle.

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Meet the Demands of Today
and Tomorrow

Zinnia Open Insurance helps carriers innovate, build, sell, and manage more insurance and annuity products to customers directly, via distributors, or a combination of both.

A digitally enabled experience, reaching customers at key moments with relevant product offerings and streamlined journeys, will become increasingly important.
Celent 2022 Tech Trends Previsory Report