Life Insurance Software

Where Complexity Ends and Simplicity Begins

Zinnia life insurance software solutions empower our clients to innovate and launch new products faster, to buy, sell, manage, and service products more effectively, and to better serve customers.

By merging decades of industry expertise with advanced technology, Zinnia is transforming the life and annuity experience from end-to-end with our software for the financial services and life insurance industry. Our vision for Open Insurance and life insurance platform brings together people, data, and technology to create experiences that are more inviting for consumers, more empowering for insurers, and more productive for insurance agents.

With Zinnia, you can deliver exceptional experiences with our life insurance systems software. From lead to in-force policy, claims and more, Zinnia has comprehensive solutions for life insurers.

With Zinnia Life Insurance Software Products, you can:

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Quickly deliver a better digital buying experience
  • Optimize the consumer journey based on data
  • Expand distribution, improve conversion and placement
  • Reduce costs with end-to-end administration
  • Optimize your back-office operations at scale
  • Enhance ongoing digital customer interactions and build loyalty
  • Consolidate and modernize pricing and trading processes

Zinnia’s Life Insurance Software Solutions Portfolio

More Innovative. More Modern. More Dynamic.

We’ve merged decades of industry expertise with advanced technology to transform the life and annuity experience from end-to-end.

Zinnia Hybrid Origination

Zinnia Hybrid Origination (formerly Breathe Life) provides consumers with a modern buying experience, offers advisors a flexible and unified selling experience, and gives insurers access to powerful data analytics.

The Hybrid Origination digital platform addresses the end-to-end buying lifecycle with an innovative suite of tools, including:

  • Quote & needs analysis
  • Pre-populated eApp that facilitates hybrid sales
  • Payment options and eSignatures.
  • Data dashboard
  • State-of-the-art marketing analytics

Integration and Configuration: Zinnia Hybrid Origination is product agnostic and features a robust API gateway that connects with distributors for front-end development and with carriers and third parties for back-end support. Moreover, the platform integrates seamlessly with existing administration systems (including CRM and TPA platforms), underwriting engines, and major third-party payment systems.

Unlike some digital distribution platforms, Zinnia Hybrid Origination also makes it easy to customize branding, product content, and the eApp to ensure that your unique brand, messaging, products, and underwriting requirements are reflected.

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Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty

Connecting with customers and delivering real value during challenging economic times is more important than ever for insurers. And that’s exactly what Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty (formerly Engage) delivers.

Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty is the leading SaaS engagement product in the life and annuity market designed to educate and motivate customers to improve their financial, physical, and emotional well-being. As a result, carriers get measurable ROI, improved key metrics and valuable zero party data that allows a more seamless, engaging, and personal customer experience.

We call this the Dual Lens Approach, simultaneously elevating the policyholder’s experience while also impacting the key metrics carriers need.

The Policyholder Lens

  • A holistic approach to customer engagement focused on financial, physical, and emotional well-being
  • An extensive library of content and classes
  • Built on positive psychology and behavioral science
  • Creating real change and behavior modification
  • Highly appealing, gamified experiences and rewards
  • Encourages frequent visits

The Insurer Lens

  • Engagement-driven interaction improves carrier metrics
  • Interaction drives lead generation, cross-sell and upsell results
  • Deepens relationships, builds brand loyalty
  • Enables personalization and product recommendations
  • Uncover trends
  • Reduce risk
  • Data-driven decision making

Configuration: Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty is a white-label platform that can be updated with carrier branding, logos, and colors. It features robust onboarding capabilities including onboarding users via email eligibility file or single sign-on integration. Includes a substantial content library and the ability to add on custom content, and content can be translated and localized for specific needs and geographic regions.

Zinnia Engagement & Loyalty is unique with its holistic approach to well-being that includes financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Its engagement approach is informed by behavioral science and positive psychology, and the platform is continuously improved to ensure the best experiences for life insurance policy holders and outcomes for carriers.

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Zinnia Third Party Administration (TPA) Services

Zinnia brings together modern technology and decades of experience to transform end-to-end

administration, allowing insurers to dramatically improve speed to market, reduce costs and focus on growth initiatives.

Our comprehensive TPA services and life insurance management systems include:

  • A full range of mail ops
  • End-to-end distribution support
  • Post-issue services
  • Business processes, controls, and regulatory support
  • New business services
  • Robust call center capabilities
  • Correspondence and print services
  • Finance operations, pricing, and trading

Our industry-leading TPA services leverage enterprise-scale technology to deliver fast, flexible digital capabilities across the life and annuity lifecycle. In addition, Zinnia TPA Services integrates advanced technology with standardized processes to improve productivity, deliver cost efficiencies, support regulatory compliance, and reduce operating risk.

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Zinnia Fund Management

Zinnia Fund Management® (formerly UV Cloud) is the insurance and retirement industry’s only cloud-native variable product and separate account asset management pricing and trading platform.

Zinnia Fund Management lives between the fund manager and policy admin systems, completing critical tasks throughout the pricing and trading processes. Collectively, the Zinnia team has successfully integrated Fund Management across 40 admin platforms for more than 60 clients and has extensive experience with NSCC and DTCC.

Zinnia Fund Management transforms vital unit pricing and trading processes, as follows:

  • Automatically calculate unit values for a broad range of mutual funds, alternative investments, and variable life and retirement products
  • Transparent handoffs at every step
  • Execute trades accurately and on time
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual inputs and verifications
  • Remove uncertainty around daily pricing and trading cycle, and covering the cost of missed trades
  • Robust reporting and data analytics
  • Fully customizable suite of reports (e.g., STAT Schedule D and BA parts, GAAP audit reports, ledger data feeds, pricing tolerances, fee accrual reports, share reconciliations, and performance reporting)

Zinnia Fund Management supports the life insurance, annuity, and retirement industries and a broad range of variable products offering mutual funds, as well as other investment products within annuities, life, and other retirement products such as 401k, 403b, and 457 plans.

Our fund management platform is Web-based for anywhere anytime access and includes advanced security options such as two-factor authentication, access codes, and automated IP address blocking.

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Zahara™ By Zinnia

Zahara is Zinnia’s secure system-of-record software and will transform product and policy creation and management. Zahara uses digital ledger technology to efficiently gather, store, and secure data and will serve as the immutable source of truth for end-to-end administration.

Zahara is purpose-built on Daml, a private, secure, and scalable smart contract language for Distributed Ledger Technology. It will enable a component-based architecture facilitating dynamic administration and real-time event processing and publication.

Why Zinnia?

Unlike other life insurance software vendors, Zinnia brings together the expertise of insurance- company professionals and the vision of innovators from technology and data science. As a team, we’ve built Zinnia Open Insurance to simplify the complex, get products to market faster, serve the customer better, and turn data and insight into better risk-based outcomes for everyone.

The result is exceptional experiences that can adapt, evolve, and grow right along with the marketplace.

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