In this post, I’m delighted to introduce you to the third of the three core values that underpin the “people first” culture we are building at Zinnia: Collaborate & Win Together. The purpose of core values at Zinnia is to help guide our priorities and strategies.

The principles that we’re promoting with our third value, collaborate & win together, are straightforward. Together we win. Put people first. Believe in, support, and empower each other. Celebrate wins, big and small.

Collaborate & win together is a reminder that everyone has a contribution to make. Zinnia is inclusive, and we believe that participation from everyone on our diverse team, located in different time zones, countries, and continents, is critical to our success.

We also collaborate & win together with our clients and partners. Innovation is a team sport, and we are team players working closely with all our key stakeholders to achieve exceptional outcomes.

The guiding principles that help us collaborate & win together include:

  • Put people first
  • Believe in yourself and others
  • Everyone is empowered
  • Want to win
  • Commit to a great culture

Our people are what makes Zinnia great, and when we work together to transform the life and annuity industry, nothing can stop us. By collaborating we will win together as a team. We are creating an environment of inclusivity and participation that encourages diverse and innovative ideas and solutions.

The Three Core Values that Define Our People First Culture

As we began to develop the idea that would become Zinnia, our commitment to fostering a ‘people first’ culture was among the first, and the most impactful, decisions we made. You can read more about our people-first culture here: Delivering Exceptional Experiences for Our Team, Too.

We also knew that we’d need to establish our core values to serve as a guidepost for making daily decisions, from hiring new employees to building products and scaling the organization. We wanted to make sure that our values were easy to understand and live by. We wanted to be able to ask our team if our core values apply to their everyday lives and have everyone nod their head in agreement.

Here are the three core values that guide our work and our decision-making:

  1. Pursue Excellence
  1. Embrace Adventure
  1. Collaborate & Win Together

We hope these posts on our values and culture, and the thinking behind them, give you a sense of who we are and where we are headed. We’re on a mission to simplify the business of life and annuities and we hope you’ll join us!